Best Land Transportation Service in Bali

If you are already in Bali, what do you want to ride?

Your plane has landed safely at the Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) so you need the right Best Land Transportation Service in Bali to get to the resort hotel where you are staying or to famous tourist attractions in Bali. When you hear about Indonesian tourism, the first thing that comes to mind is Bali. Bali is a small island that has a world-class tourist charm. Every year, Bali will never run out of tourists who visit for holidays. Starting from Kuta beach, Jimbaran, Nusa Penida, Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Besakih Temple, to Waterbom Bali has always been a destination for tourists.

However, after deciding where to go while in Bali, the next problem is which vehicle to take while in Bali? There are many transportation options in Bali that you can use. Starting from public transportation in Denpasar to personal vehicles, everything is fully available. The prices offered for each type of transportation are also very diverse. You just need to determine it based on your needs and vacation budget.

Here are the types of transportation in Bali that you will encounter :

Trans Sarbagita (Shuttle)

This public transportation, which has been officially operating since 2011, is included in the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) category. Trans Sarbagita users consist of local people, and tourists. Generally, tourists who use Trans Sarbagita are those who like backpacker-style vacations. The reason is the price of Trans Sarbagita tickets which are relatively cheap. The ticket fare for adults is IDR 3,500, while for students it is only IDR 2,500.


 Wilayah operasional Trans Sarbagita (Shuttle)


Corridor 1 : City – Garuda Wisnu Kencana (Return)

From GOR Ngurah Rai (Jl. Cambodia) – Angsoka-Melati-Surapati – Captain Agung – PB Sudirman – Waturenggong-Diponegoro – Raya Sesetan – Pesanggaran – Dewa Ruci – Bypass Ngurah Rai – Jl Udayana UNUD Bukit – Raya Uluwatu – GWK.

From GWK – Raya Uluwatu – Jl. Udayana UNUD Bukit – Bypass Nusadua – Simpang Dewa Ruci – Pesanggaran-Sesetan – Diponegoro – Serma Durna -Serma Made Pil – Serma Mendra – Sudirman – Dewi Sartika – Diponegoro – Hasannudin – Jl. Udayana – Surapati – Cambodia-Angsoka – Melati – Patimura – Cambodia (SMA-7 stop).

Corridor 2 : Batubulan – Nusa Dua (Return)

From Batubulan Terminal – WR. Supratman – Bypass Ngurah Rai – Prof.IBMantra-Bypass Ngurah Rai – Simpang Dewa Ruci – Setiabudi Kuta – Raya Kuta – Central Parking Kuta – Imam Bonjol – Sunset Road East – Simpang Dewa Ruci – Bypass Nusa Dua – Nusa Dua (BTDC).

From Nusa Dua (BTDC) – Raya Tg Benoa Bualu – Bypass Nusadua – Simpang Dewa Ruci – Setiabudi Kuta – Raya Kuta – Central Parking Kuta – Imam Bonjol – Sunset Road East – Simpang Dewa Ruci – Bypass Ngurah Rai – WR Supratman – Raya Batubulan – Batuyang – Batubulan Terminal.

NOTE: Not all Corridor 2 buses will stop at the airport stop or Kuta Parking Center. Be sure to check the bus first before boarding, and ask the bus conductor on duty.

Corridor 3 : Tabanan – Mengwi – Ngurah Rai Airport

Route : Ngurah Rai Airport – Patasari (Tuban) – Kuta Parking Center – Jalan Imam Bonjol – Mahendradara – Mengwi Terminal – Tabanan

NOTE : Corridor line 3 does not have a bus stop (shelter). You can get off anywhere on the route.

Based on information from the official transportation website in Bali, Trans Sarbagita starts operating from 06.15 to 14.00. The call center number has also been listed on the official website if you need more information about the Trans Sarbagita route. However, it is important to remember that transportation conditions in Bali are often congested, and the limited number of bus fleets causes the frequency of Trans Sarbagita arrivals to be often late. The difference in arrivals between buses can reach 30 to 60 minutes. So, if you want to feel the sensation of traveling around Bali at a low price, and it doesn’t matter if you have a long travel time, Trans Sarbagita is the right transportation for you.


Kura Kura Bus (Shuttle)

kura kura

If you feel that Trans Sarbagita is not suitable to be used as tourist transportation in Bali, then you should try this one, the Kura-Kura Bus. Kura-Kura Bus is a public transportation in the form of adorable green and yellow buses like turtle shell motifs. The fleet types are divided into 3, namely, Short Mini Bus (12 seats), Long Mini Bus (15 seats), and Medium Bus (29 seats). Not a few tourists choose to use the Kura-Kura Bus because the facilities offered on each bus are very complete. Starting from AC, Free WiFi, LCD, Luggage, to Plug. The passengers will also get a seat, so there is no longer such a thing as standing jostling.

In addition, the Kura-Kura Bus route is also quite complete because it consists of 5 different lines. The 5 lines are :


Line 1 (Operates at 09.42 – 20.00 WITA, departs every 120 minutes): DFS Bus Bay – Museum Pasifika – The Bay – Grand Hyatt – Ayodya Resort Bali – Mercure Nusa Dua – The Bale – Samasta Movenpick – Le Meridien – Rimba Jimbaran – Ayana Resort – Samasta Movenpick – Pizza Hut – DFS Bus Bay – Lippo Mall Kuta – Waterbom – Grand Inna Kuta – Beachwalk – Papaya – DFS Bus Bay

Line 2 (Operates at 09.44 – 19.54 WITA, departs every 120 minutes: DFS Bus Bay -Fifteen and 8 Coffee – Samasta Movenpick – Le Meridien – Ayana Resort – Rimba Jimbaran – Samasta Movenpick – Pizza Hut – The Bale – Mercure Nusa Dua – Ayodya Resort Bali – Pasifika Museum – The Bay – Grand Hyatt – DFS Bus Bay – Lippo Mall Kuta – Waterbom – Grand Inna Kuta – Beachwalk – Papaya – DFS Bus Bay

Line 3 (Operates at 09.30 – 19.25 WITA, departs every 30 minutes): Aston Kuta Hotel – Lippo Mall Kuta – Waterbom – Kuta Paradiso Hotel – Grand Inna Kuta – Beachwalk – Bali Mandira Resort – Padma Resort Legian – Bintang Supermarket – Blow Bar – Seminyak Village – Bintang Supermarket – Legian Paradiso Hotel – Ground Zero Monument – ​​Waterbom – Lippo Mall Kuta – Aston Kuta Hotel

Line 4 (Operates at 10.00 – 18.27 WITA, departs every 60 minutes): DFS Bus Bay – Papaya – Grand Livio – Paletas Wey – Favehotel Umalas – Gardin Bistro – Seminyak Village – Ramada Bali Sunset Road – DFS Bus Bay

Line 5 (Operates at 09.00 – 18.40 WITA, departs every 2 hours): DFS Bus Bay – Gallery Coffee – Bali Bird Park – Bali Zoo – bag shop – Alaya Resort Ubud – Puri Painting Museum – Ubud Central Parking – Desa Visesa Ubud – Sensatia Botanicals – Puri Painting Museum – Alaya Resort Ubud – bag shop side – Bali Zoo – Bali Bird Park – McDonalds Sanur – DFS Bus Bay

Coupled with the price offered is quite affordable and practical in payment. Price variations on the Kura-Kura Bus range from Rp. 20,000 – Rp. 80,000 depending on the line. Kura-Kura Bus has 2 types of tickets, namely Single/Trip Ticket, and Day Pass. For Single/Trip Ticket, each passenger can choose a ticket for IDR 20,000 or IDR 80,000 for a single trip on each line. However, you can’t use an IDR 80,000 ticket for a trip that goes through the line that costs IDR 20,000. As for the Day Pass, each passenger can choose to buy 1 Day (Rp. 100,000), 3 Days (Rp. 150,000), or 7 Days (Rp. 250,000). This type of ticket is suitable for those of you who want to explore various locations in Bali at once without having to mess around with the hassle of buying tickets. Interestingly, the payment for the ticket payment process is also quite easy. With Paypal or credit card, Kura-Kura Bus tickets are ready in your hands.

Kura-Kura Bus also includes travel insurance in every ticket you buy. In addition, to increase the convenience of using the Kura-Kura Bus, you can download the Kura-Kura Bus application on the Play Store or App Store. The purpose of using this application is to monitor the movement of the bus that will arrive at the stop, as well as find the location of the bus stop closest to you. Kura-Kura Bus is suitable for those of you who want to try public transportation in Bali, prioritize comfort and practicality in transportation matters, and have an extra budget.


Baliwow Tour & Travel


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To book a Bali Denpasar International Airport transfer simply add in your destination, arrival time and passenger numbers, then head to the next set of booking options. Our services are great value and cater to a wide array of needs. We offer coach transfers, minivans and minibus taxi transfers for larger groups. We can also provide baby seats, space for wheelchairs or other special requirements. Simply add them to your booking before to check out.


Conventional Taxi

Various taxi fleets are widely available complete on the island of Bali. This type of transportation is quite popular because it can take you anywhere on the island of the Gods. If you are on vacation with a more budget, and prioritize time efficiency in traveling, a taxi can be the right choice. Generally, you can order a taxi from the official counter at your hotel, restaurant, shopping center, or by telephone. Even some fleets provide operators who can speak English to make it easier for you to order a taxi.

The choice of the type of taxi car is not only a sedan, but also adapted to the latest car models today. The metered tariffs are also relatively affordable. With metered fares ranging from IDR 4,000 – IDR 5,000, you can travel to all corners, even conventional taxis are also suitable for those of you who need transportation from Ubud to Kuta for example. The types of conventional taxi fleets in Bali are Blue Bird, Komotra Bali Taxi, Lovina Taxi, Yuli Trans, Wahana Dharma Taxi, and many more.


Online Transportation

stillvacation mobile apss

Online transportation in Bali has a fairly large number of enthusiasts. Big names such as the Gojek app, Grab app, or stillvacation app in Bali are also generally easy to find here. There are 2 types of online transportation, namely motorcycle taxis and online taxis. For those of you who are traveling alone, and prioritize practicality in driving, taking an online motorcycle taxi is a wise decision. The price variations offered for the first few kilometers are quite cheap, ranging from Rp. 10,000.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are on vacation with friends or family, then you need an online taxi. The price offered is not much different from the online motorcycle taxi rates. The specialty of using online transportation is the ease of ordering a fleet from the touch of a finger on the cellphone screen. In addition, you no longer need to worry about the meter fees that swell during the trip. Because the total cost of the trip has been seen since the beginning of the booking. However, online transportation still has some drawbacks due to conflicts with conventional taxis and motorcycle taxis. One of them is that drivers are prohibited from picking up passengers at certain places such as terminals, or other well-known central areas. Usually, the solution used is for drivers and passengers to agree to meet at a point slightly far from the prohibited area. So it takes extra effort if you want to use online transportation in vital places of a city.