The advantages of the Airport Transfer Service for those of you travelers who have plans to travel or vacation in the near future, considering that you will greatly benefit if you take your time to read the article Benefits of Airport Transfer Services for the smooth running of your trip in the future. because booking airport transfers can be confusing, especially if it’s your first time and due to COVID-19 restrictions and regulations. Finding transportation from the airport can be a challenge in itself, especially when you are in a new destination. As soon as you exit the arrivals area, you may be immediately ambushed by illegal taxi drivers, while the airport taxi queues are endless and compounded by tight flight schedules, last minute flight changes, and huge losses caused by minor delays and can be huge. more complicated. And quite often, travelers who rarely panic only end up signing bad deals. Sometimes paying hefty sums only to find out that their airport taxi is a complete junk vehicle or their driver is untrained. And sometimes, miss flights because they trust cheap but bad airport transfer services that don’t show up. To help you avoid accidents like that, all the bad things above can happen to you and make your vacation plans a mess, and we really understand how important your vacation moments are and we hope this article can be very helpful and make you arrive happy at your vacation spot. your dreams for the future. Here are some of the top tried and tested tips. They will help you choose the best and stay as careful, caring and alert as needed, also, don’t panic. Even if you’re short on time, most airport operators allow bookings within 24 hours of your trip. Here are some tips and advantages of Airport Transfer Service:

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What is an airport transfer service?

Airport transfer services are just that. Transfer services that connect the airport to your destination. As these services are designed for those who fly, you need not worry about carrying around heavy luggage. Plus, the destinations are not limited to your home, as these services can be used to go to stations, hotels or other landmarks.

Transfers from the Airport
At the airport, either the driver or the airport attendant with a name board will greet the user at the arrival lobby. The user will exit through the arrival lobby after clearing quarantine, immigration, baggage pick-up and customs. The driver or airport attendant will guide you to the transfer vehicle, and you will be on your way to the destination. Since it’s a door-to-door service where the driver will load/unload all of your luggage on to the vehicle, you can travel to your destination safely and comfortably without a worry.

Transfer from specific location to the Airport
Usually, the driver will park at the location specified by the user and wait while standing beside the vehicle like a taxi. The sales office will send the vehicle details (driver name, emergency contact number and number plate) to the customer one day prior to the booking date, so you can contact the driver in case you can’t find the vehicle. When you aboard the vehicle, the driver will head straight to the airport, so you will have ample time to check your passport and departure terminal information. The driver will drop you off at the correct departure lobby if you inform them with your flight number. These services are great in minimising the stress involved in getting to the airport.

How is it different from using a taxi?
In terms of getting you to the destination, airport transfer and taxi are similar, but there are fundamental differences. Taxis usually drive around town with lights and pick up customers as they come along. You may often see various cars waiting at the taxi stand in front of the station or near the hotel entrance, It is common to flag down a taxi by raising your hand, but nowadays there are apps that can dispatch the taxi to where you are, When the taxi stops, the door will open automatically, After getting on the taxi, the driver will take you to the requested destination and you will pay the amount displayed on the meter upon arrival at your destination.

Transfers from the Airport

Why use airport transfer services?

There are many ways of getting to and from the airport. These options include trains, buses and taxis to name a few, but they all involve the stress of carrying around your heavy luggage.

Think about it. You are exhausted from your long plane journey, clearing immigration and waiting around for your luggage to come out. You’re finally in indonesia, but now you must wander around the airport to look for transfer options like buses, trains and taxis.

Even when you enquire at the information counter, services may vary depending on the staff member, and worse, your questions can get lost in translation and you may be sent to the wrong location.

The biggest advantage of airport transfer service is that you don’t have to experience these issues ever again.

As experienced staff and drivers will ensure you reach your destination safely and comfortably, you can enjoy a stress-free transfer to your destination once you’ve entered indonesia.

The driver or airport attendant will be waiting at the front of arrival lobby with the customer’s nameboard. Once you meet up with the driver or airport attendant, you can leave it all up to them. They will take care of your luggage and safely escort you to the waiting vehicle. For those who need special assistance like disabled or pregnant users, the airport transfer service will prove to be a great advantage.

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Vehicles often used for airport transfer services

Airport transfer services make traveling easy and stress-free. Let us introduce some of the most commonly used vehicles for these services.

As airport transfers are a charter service, sedans and van-type vehicles are usually called “chartered hire cars”. We will explain the difference between hire cars and taxis in the second half of this article.

Sedans are usually used for a single passenger, but it also depends on the number of luggage being transported. The most popular models are Toyota Crown and Nissan Fuga.

For VIP customers requiring luxury type vehicles, Mercedes-Benz S550 and vehicles in the same category are often used.

As mentioned above, Vans and Sedans are together called “chartered hire cars”, and they are the most commonly used vehicles for airport transfer services.

The most popular models are Toyota Alphard and HiAce.

In the case of HiAce, the model used is the high roof Grand Cabin that hold up to 9 people plus 8-9 large suitcases. The van’s feature is that it suits a large variety of customers and occasions.

Chartered buses are ideal for groups with a large number of people. There is also a salon type with rotatable seats at the back, so you have fun on the bus.

You can choose from micro buses, small-size buses, medium-size buses, and large-size buses according to purpose and number of passengers.

Micro buses and small-size buses are mainly used for short-distance transfers like transfers for restaurants.

Special Vehicles
For customers in wheelchairs, we recommend HiAces with lift access, mini buses and large buses. Depending on the type of airport transfer service you require, you can select a vehicle with restroom facilities or a premium modified vehicle with genuine leather seats for long distance travel.

How to book airport transfer services

How to book airport transfer services

Private airport transfers must be booked in advance. We recommend you book as soon as your travel details are finalised, as it may become fully booked.

When should I book?
As a guide, it is recommended to book at least 1 month prior to the boarding date in high season and 14 days prior to the boarding date in the low season.

As the airport is used by both domestic and international travellers, busy seasons for airport transfer are as follows:

March-April : Cherry blossom season
July to August : Summer vacation season
September to November : Autumn leaves season
End of the Year

Accepted payment for airport transfers
Since private airport transfer services must be booked in advance, the usual payment method is advance payment.

You can pay by either credit card or electronic transfer. In rare cases, you may also directly pay in cash by going to the office of the operating company.

From making an enquiry to arriving at your destination
When using airport transfer services, the general booking procedure is as follows:

Contact the operating company or sales office
1. Get a quote
2. Confirmation of booking
3. Receive final booking confirmation 3 days prior to the booking date
4. Receive driver name, contact number and vehicle number plate on the day prior to the booking date
5. Date of airport transfer service

The airport transportation provider plays the most influential role in determining the success of your trip. While there are many options available, not every service is reliable.

Start by crafting a list of all the best services in your vicinity and conducting a detailed comparison. Check out the official websites and social media accounts. If you’re opting for cheaper options, then you won’t get the facilities offered by the high-end services. Choose the airport transfer service only after detailed research.

Well, before you sign up for anything anywhere, make it a rule for yourself to get the quote and compare it with competitors. Blindly going with the first airport transfer company you come across is not a wise choice. They might be marketing their average services too well to keep you from noticing the unreasonable amounts that they are charging.

Hence, always visit the website and check quotes for your specific needs. You can get quotes online or by calling most places.

Nowadays, airport transportation companies include a variety of vehicles in their inventory. Vans, sedans, limos, private cars and SUVs are available with most operators. Be sure to consider the amount of luggage your group will be brining in addition to the number of passengers.

Also keep in mind that many operators have temporarily suspended shared ride options sue to COVID.

Another effective tip to elevate your experience from good to the best, is using Meet & Greet services. This is especially helpful if you are unfamiliar with the airport or don’t travel frequently.

This particular tip is for all the first-timers! Let the driver help you with the luggage carrying and other similar tasks. Please do not shy away or be hesitant. If the vehicle driver offers his services, allow doing so.

So, it is okay to let the driver-assist you in these chores. You can offer a tip in return for the services. Now, this does not refer that you should force someone to do so if not offered.

Note that we’re not encouraging you to risk the expensive equipment that you may be carrying, such as professional cameras, portable monitors, laptops, etc. Carry the sensitive luggage by yourself because, in case of any losses, you might ruin your trip. Plus, this is an additional aspect to assess. A good airport transfer service will compensate for any losses caused by its staff. But then again, this is something you can assess only after trying out a service and not before choosing it.